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Author; Michael Stuckey Jr.
To the rite, are bars.
In these pg's you will find just about anything you would like to know about me & my Writing. From Biography to Affiliates, from Video's to Poetry.  Listing of books I have Written & that I am Writing.  External links, to other sites of mine &  Websites 'n'  Blogs that I follow. Several documents which are meant Only as a Guide.

Please don't hesitate to leave a Link, Comment or e-mail me with questions 'n' suggestions.
Writings within is intended for your entertainment. Hope you enjoy

Explanation of written word:
Writing consist of everything. whether your writing is of  riddles, rimes, prose, trivial, general, of thought, or of feeling. indiscretions you've done or have fantasized about. love, deception, romance, fear, death, life, pain, & yes even  happiness.  writing is of a specific purpose & states a meaning within what is written.  by: Michael J. Stuckey Jr.
I'm committed to providing well-written,
emotionally stimulating writing's .
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A glimps into the clutter of my writing world.
Remember that, while I may not be as big as my competitors, I'm dedicated to a personal level of service and custom writings  unparalleled in the business. Maybe that explains my consistent 10-star reviews on the Intuit Business Directory, Yahoo! and Google. Enjoy our site and keep checking back for updates!
Hey Y'all; Currently Selling my House and Farm, Come check it out.
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